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Selling Program

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The success of this program is in the “4-M” proven selling method developed by DMS:

MANUFACTURE only the highest quality cleaning products available in today’s food service market. Our philosophy is “if we manufacture only quality, the customer will request that product over and over again - pulling the product through your warehouse.” We strive to offer our nationwide network of distributors 100% on time delivery and service.


MARKETING is simple! We at DMS keep it simple, by naming all our products by their intended use. 

The DSR’s will not need to remember tricky, meaningless names like Dig, Vouchs, Gilbraltor, etc. We call our oven cleaner, just that!

Our goal is to sell 2 to 3 cases per day per DSR on the street or an additional $15-$20 increase in gross profit per stop.



MERCHANDISING works! The more your name is in front of your customer, the more they will reorder from your company. The printed word sells.

The same is true with the DSR. Our only competition is theother 7,000 to 10,000 products in your warehouse. We need the DSR’s focus on high gross profit chemical via customized private label bi-monthly flyers, cut sheets, sales catalogs, and whatever it takes to get the attention of both the customer and DSR to buy and sell more detergent products.



MOTIVATING your sales team via our total commitment to promote chemical sales through your existing accounts. We at DMS will promote chemical sales at least 2 to 3 times per year or asneeded, whatever it takes to turn cases. We will keep your program new and exciting. We suggest you build in an additional sales commission for your DSR’s.

Machine Detergents
Drying Agents
Silver Pre-Soaking
Dish Tables
Pots, Pans & Dishes
Pot Sanitizing
Toilet Bowls / Urinals
Hand Washing
Janitorial Cleaning
Hand Sinks
Waitress Counters
Chef's Pick-Up Counter
Ovens, Grills, Hoods & Deep Fat Fryers
Vegetable Preparation Area
Receiving Area
All Drains
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